Marathon FAQs  (Last updated: January 2, 2014)

Changes to the Marathon Format effective January 2014:

The marathons are reduced to 3 each year.  They will take place on the 2nd weekend of January, May and September.

The under 1700 bullet section in Olive has stopped.  Instead there will be an all ratings bullet section in Flash.

Most prizes are doubled and added are also random draw prizes.  See for more detailed information:

Changes to the Marathon Format effective April 2010:

Nolonger all the scheduled tournaments will are run during Marathon.

Only the below scheduled events are run during the Marathon:
Slomato Monthly Standard
Nightly U1500
Nightly 1400+

Cancelled during marathon:
Saturday 4pm Flash
Saturday Tomato 7pm 1300-1800
Saturday LittlePer 7pm U1400
Sunday Bullet 10pm U1800
Sunday Bullet 10pm 1700+

Can non-marathon tournaments be run during the marathon?

No non-marathon standard, blitz or bullet tournaments are allowed to be run during the marathon.  However, certain wild variant tournaments may be run during the marathon.  Please follow normal protocol and ask in Ch 47 prior to opening a non-marathon tournament during the marathon.

Can this information be found on ICC?

Yes, on ICC type in "/help marathon".